Me :/

well im 16 year old for starters and currently under the pressure of IGCSEs, i want to get at least 5 As in Physics, Math, IT, RE and Art/English. when i grow up i would like to become a forensic scientist or a college professor hopefully and finally im a bookworm (thats an understatement) and now heres a picture of some food to distract you from the dreadful analogy of myself you might’ve just had to readΒ Β 7a8651e3-4d47-4529-9bce-31f63ae9444d_m.jpeg

im sorry ill get better at this, honest



  1. Zada · March 5, 2016

    Hey! That is such a coincidence! Even I’m almost 16, want to be a scientist and bookworm, love painting and stressing over exams XD Nice to meet you, friend!

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    • wonderingbookfreak · March 5, 2016

      Hey πŸ™‚ that’s so cool, we can Fangirl over books and complain/cry over exams together, I love your blog name by the way, astronomy in general is just amazing to me really


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