Bad Day

Well today was aweful, and seeing as I’m British, I suppose its my duty to complain. First off my useless scamp of a computer which I already hated as it ran on the worst computer platform ever, the abomination that is windows 10. I mean it didn’t even have  Microsoft Word, you have to pay for it after a month of free usage, and start engine is a mess, its privacy statement is messed up, my settings are being tempered with always making my default search engine f*cking yahoo instead of google, and to top it all off the idiotic thing had to go and malfunction right in the middle of me writing my essay evaluation which I have to give in tomorrow of 1000 words of which I’d done 600… All of that gone in a second. With that and the former glitches with YouTube and other websites unable to perform properly, it was obvious I had a virus. I dont know how or why, as i didnt download anything except for Steam, I have a hunch that it got in when I was watching glee some link might’ve caused a problem… Yes I started glee, I wanted to know what all the fuss was about ok ಠ_ಠ ¯°_o)/¯ but anyway Brilliant right? Absolutely fantastic… Okay I’m kind of ashamed to say this but I did almost have a panic attack because the evaluation is due Wednesday and I started envisioning myself with all Fs and living in depression with no job or anything really, and you know one thing stumbles to another and… yeah, but the key word here is almost, but I didn’t and Im determined to go this year without a single one. So that happened, and what’s makes it worse is that I can’t complain about this computor as it was from my grandma and auntie given to me on my birthday (I won’t even go into that day, it was defiantly not a sweet sixteen, all I’ll say is that involved a fight, an ‘accident’ , and lots of ice) from america. Yeah this piece of shite was from america, so you’d think it’d work better than the my cheaper and BETTER Compaq mini (which I loved by the way, it was amazing until something went haywire with the battery… Maybe its just me, infecting everything with bad luck, honestly I would not be surprised). I asked my uncle if he could come pick me up and take me to the tech shop which he said yes to and said he was coming to pick me up, I waited hour three hours. He had guests over… Well i wouldn’t be mad if you’d just said that and I didn’t have to wait for so long fully dressed //side note, my dad is not around, because some personal stuff that I’m not talking about and my mom doesn’t know the shops/roads properly and cant drive me//. So yes, now unfortunately my posts might be a bit messy, or not how I want it as the WordPress app on my phone is not the best. I can’t really edit on it. And to top the day with with a pretty little cherry, my mom was also in a bad mood + me in a bad mood = BAD. So we did end up having a go at each other, perfect end to the day don’t you think? F*cking beautiful


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