Bit of A Boring Ramble :/

This is just me writing about my happy day, its not going to be funny or interesting unfortunatly, just a little warning for you. Well, I was going to post this descriptive piece of writing I’d written, but overlooking it now I think it needs a bit more work. Now I was a bit unrationally mad yesterday, I apologise. But it feels as if today more than makes up for yesterday though, as it was pretty good. I managed to sort out that Evaluation and only have a para left that I’ll do early in the morning then give it in.  You know those moments where you just look back on every mistake you’ve and just cringe eternally? Well today I have one less cringe moment as the person who its about, seems like he doesn’t hate me after all! this person is pretty awesome, and hes just like one of those cuddly nice people, you know? but unfortunately I tend to… Malfunction whenever I’m around awesome people. Yeah he said hello, and I froze because of the amount of people there (we were waiting for a late teacher) and said nothing so it looked to everyone there that I just blatantly ignored him. I felt awefull, honestly if my social anxiety was a person I would give it a well earned slap. So yeah from that point onwards that just replayed in my head over and over and over, but thankfully a makeshift conversation between us put a stop to my stupid worry. Also I got full marks on my Listening & Speaking 😀 I’m actually so happy, I thought I completely fluked it as i mumble constantly and I probably can’t pronounce half the words in the English language but I got through! Speaking of that, people seem to think I speak very posh… Ok I don’t speak like some wanna be gangster chav, but that doesn’t mean I’m ‘posh’… Maybe its because of my slight american accent? I don’t know.
But yes, today was a good day and I’ve just finished three cheese sandwiches. So I’m going to bed happy right after I finish painting my wall (yeah I got tired of the boring white, so I’m painting something else on it in different coloured paint)
Night Guys

PS- if anyone is reading, any advice on how to improve my language or communication skills here would be really awesome

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