Almost English


New book πŸ˜€ its more of a calmer one than I’m used to, my preferred genre is mostly adventure, sci-fi and especially mystery/detective. This is more of an ordinary tale of a girl who half English and half Hungarian and she feels she does not belong anywhere. The only other book I’ve heard of that sounds like this that’s actually on my reading list is ‘The Manifesto of being Interesting’  because it sounds like something I might relate. Considering I’m of Asian origin who lives in England, maybe I’ll really enjoy this. I don’t know, but I’ll find out soon… I feel like I shouldn’t be reading at this time… it is the weekend and only one more week of locks left but I guess I’m supposed to focus on GCSEs… well if I don’t make any more posts for a few weeks maybe just maybe in an inexplicable turn of events I may have actually got my priorities straight. Hermione would be proud
Night then guys


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