Student DYING

Hello, and yes as you might’ve figured from the title, my IPPE Mocks have started. My maths one went alright except I defiantly messed up at least 7 questions, English was alright too actually but I did feel like I ran a marathon after because of my heart racing from anxiety. Yeah most of my cardio comes from anxiety to be honest. But ill be honest the IT exam made up for it, it was absolutely brilliant. But Anyway onto better things, I’m starting that ocean theme on my cupboards


I’ll update when I’m finished hopefully. I’m starting to like how this is turning out, I’d thought I’d be awefull as I haven’t really painted the sea before
And I didn’t know if the paint would cooperate with the door surface. But its alright actually. I’m also facing my age old nemesis this weekend; drawing hands.




My Exam Piece revolves around it slightly, and now due to this reasearch I think i mightve devoloped a slight hand fetish and also realised my crush has the best ones I’ve ever seen… Goddamn it im already providing waaay too much unnessesary information on here.


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