Wow, would you look at that I managed to stay away from the internet for a full week! Boy has it been hectic, but finally mocks have ended thank god, I feel like I did pretty good but I could have done waaaay better in Additional Science. Still have my five hour art exam to go though


   I sketch I did for my piece, and then kinda strayed from the path and drew some hot people



Yeah, still works in progress though. It’s not really going on the internet so its not really procrastinating right? I went to an interview at Matthew boulton yesterday…the art teacher who interviewed me was incredibly chill but the maths one said I should do a humanitarian course with sociology and history along with art, no way. You see my school is very lazy with predicted grades and they just gave me a C in everything except my art teacher who actually thought about it and gave me an A. So yeah the math teacher apparently thought I was a “dreamer” and that my expectations were unrealistic… basically she was saying that it seemed to her that I could never do science or math. Of course I felt insulted, I’m not kidding I know this is a clichΓ© but I really have dreamed of being a scientist ever since I was probably 5. Now I know that financially being a Forensic Scientist would be better and I get to help people so that’s a bonus. But here this woman is basically crushing all these dreams, this singular dream I have been working towards all my life. Maybe she feels that if your good at art, that you can’t be good at the sciences? I don’t know, but I’m still pretty mad about the whole affair as she did not even hear me through. One things for sure is that this has made me even more determined and I am so proving her wrong. I’ll get an A, you’ll see. Hopefully the sollihull interview will go better, as well as my JC one.
Night guys.


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