Welcome to my mess of a blog :)

Welcome to one of my outlets, my vestige of thoughts, this mess that I call my blog. I’ll be  treating it like a sort of online bullet journal putting put my rambles, thoughts,reviews, ideas sometimes stories if im feeling particularly pretentious, but not so much of my personal life. id like to keep that tucked away for now except for those particularly embarrassing moments to possibly help get a smile out of someone and study life to try to stop myself from procrastinating by creating a looming realization that I have not posted a study post in a while.

ive tried other outlets as i didnt think i was interesting enough to make a blog but ive realized this is the best right now. id be too self concious on youtube, tumblr is too hyper and facebook is just a no. I do use twitter however for midnight rambles and life hacks and occasionally instagram to fullfil the needs of that hipster/photographer inside me.

so yeah thats about it, why im making a blog and everything, i hope whoever is reading this likes it 🙂


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